Christina Nelson

International Spiritual Coach and Paranormal Investigator

Christina Nelson the "Demon Warrior"

Psychic, Intuitive, Medium, Spiritual Life Coach, T.V. Personality, Radio Host.

  • Spiritual Life Coach
  • Psychic
  • Medium
  • Teacher
  • Ordained minister
  • Paranormal Investigator
  • Licensed Private Investigator
  • Published Poet   
  • Published Author

     Christina is part of a lineage of psychics at an early age, Christina began to realize that there was something different about the way she saw the world.  As Christina grew older, she began to seek out teachers in the field of intuitiveness to help her hone her skills as a Spiritual Life Coach, and learn to listen to spirit. Today, Christina works closely with her spirit guide. It is her intuitive abilities that set her apart from other paranormal investigators. Christina is currently working on a project showing the marriage of both her talents: intuitiveness and Paranormal Investigator. 

  When investigating paranormal activity, Christina jumps on her motorcycle and heads off to battle. She prefers to travel to her investigations on a motorcycle as it allows her to ground and balance and prepare for the task at hand. Christina is considered one of the most esteemed and expert researchers in her field when it comes to a diversity of Spirits, from Shadow People to Poltergeist.

     Christina has an innate ability to identify and expunge the various spirits that she encounters.  Whether they be Earthbound, Demonic, Residual, or Lower energies that have attached themselves to inanimate objects. Christina uses all of her abilities and tools to release these energies into the vast parts of the universe, or to the light, so they may never hurt anyone or themselves again.  This may include the use of various elements of her trade, including fire, holy water, frankincense, myrrh, sage, explosives, ammunition, prayer, and her sheer determination. Christina differs from other Psychics and Paranormal investigators by treating these entities with respect, sternness, and love.

     Christina has studied extensively, been tested and tried, and has had the honor of working and studying with Lisa WIlliams World Renowned Psychic Medium. Christina is a leader in the field of Psychic Mediumship and the Paranormal.  Christina has written and published numerous articles for Om Times magazine and Bellesprit Magazine on the Paranormal.  In addition to writing, Christina co host's a Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio. Christina has also had the honor of doing guest appearances on many radio shows on Blog Talk Radio , I-heart Radio and Sirius Radio.

     Christina regularly receives photographs of apparent ghosts , shadow people , orbs , and has spent numerous hours researching and studying the various places associated with these photos.  Christina has been able to expel many of these shadow people, and give the living peace.  Christina devotes many hours of research on ORB anomalies that have been captured by photography, determines the origin of the anomaly and gives her conclusion and findings to the partys of interest.  Christina will do intuitive readings and Spiritual Life Coaching in your home, her office, on Phone, Skype or by appointment. Check her website testimonials for an idea of the quality and accuracy of her readings. 

     Christina has been fascinated with the paranormal since she was a child and experienced first-hand, at the age of 8, a shadow person.  From that moment on , it changed her life. Christina began to self-educate, reading anything she could find on the paranormal.  As Christina grew older, she sought out leaders in the field of Paranormal Research, and began studying and training with different groups. If you believe you have a Ghost, Demonic Spirit, poltergeist, Shadow Figure or any type of haunting in your home, call Christina, the "Demon Warrior", and she will do a thorough clearing to give you piece of mind, and the tools to combat these lower energies yourself. It is in this last statement that separates Christina from other investigators. She educates and teaches her clients how to maintain a balance in their home, she can do this in person or over Skype Remote Viewing..

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