Christina Nelson

International Psychic Medium and Paranormal Investigator



Christina Nelson the "Demon Warrior"

Psychic, Medium, T.V. Personality, Radio Host.

I have been performing professional psychic readings and Paranormal Investigations since 1990. 
  • 3rd Generation psychic and Medium
  • Published writer
  • Ordained minister
  • Paranormal Investigator
Other interesting tidbits
  • T.V. and Radio Personality
  • Certified Polygraph Technician
  • Certified Private Investigator
  • Soul Coach
  • Paranormal Investigator
  • Author
  • Poet



Christina Nelson is a third generation psychic medium and paranormal investigator who has become widely known as a Demon Warrior, and currently is working on a Television show about the Paranormal.

Christina has the compassion to deliver heartfelt messages from crossed over loved ones, and the ferocity to expel negative entities from one’s home or energy field.

When investigating paranormal activity, Christina grabs her crossbow and jumps on her motorcycle and heads off to battle. She prefers to travel to her investigations on a motorcycle as it allows her to ground and balance and prepare for the task at hand.

Christina has studied extensively, been tested and endorsed, by World Renowned Lisa Williams, has studied with Medium Leanne Thomas, and has had the honor of working and studying with Solana World Renowned Paranormal Investigator. Christina has written and published numerous articles for Om Times magazines on the Paranormal.

Christina dedicates devotes many hours of research on ORB anomalies that have been captured by photography, determines the origin of the anomaly and gives her conclusion and findings to the party's of interest.

Christina has been doing Professional Readings since 1990 and now devotes herself full-time to Metaphysical work. Christina will do Psychic and Mediumship readings in your home or her office, by appointment. Check her website testimonials for an idea of the quality and accuracy of her readings. If you believe you have a Ghost, Demonic Spirit, poltergeist, Shadow Figure or any type of haunting in your home, call Christina, the "Demon Warrior", and she will do a thorough clearing to give you piece of mind, and the tools to combat these lower energies yourself.

Check her website for testimonials regarding the quality and accuracy of her readings, the services she provides, and to book your private session.

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