Paranormal Investigations

Christina Nelson "Demon Warrior"


     As one of the most recognized and well respected Paranormal Investigators in her field, she has conducted countless investigations from local residences to large scale haunted locations in the region. Her abilities as a Psychic and a Medium enhances her investigations in a haunted location.

     Christina networks extensively in the paranormal field and is continually researching to confirm the methodology and technology used within her investigations are top notch. With this, Christina is able ensure the best possible service to her clients and provide reliable information to the public.

     Christina Nelson has completed extensive training, evaluations, and background checks prior to receiving the title of investigator. She takes great pride in conducting professional and through investigations for her clients as well as comprehensive engagements within the community.

     Christina Nelson is studied in Photograph orbs and anomalies and has studied thousands of photographs with precision and great results.

     Christina is also studied in the phenomenom called Shadow People or shadow men and has studied hundreds of hours to pin point the origin of and reasons why we are visited by such dark lower energy forces. If you see shadows or dark maybe smoky figures in your home with the appearance of sporting a black hat or cloak over its head you may have a shadow person, call Christina if that is the case.

Check below for photo's.


Be sure to call me if you are having any kind of

Paranormal Activity, I can and will help you to

give you closure and an explanation of what might be happening

in your home.








This is a photo  that was sent to me, the soldier that took this photo was

at a ceramony in Japan, no one standing in the room at attention..This was taken with a IPhone.

Perfect picture of residual energy possibly a Earth Bound. Amazing catch. look to the left you will

see soldier standing at attention..