Psychic Reading

Christina you are so fantastic, thank you for the reading you brought my sister through and you were spot on with amazing validation you new things no one new but me.. I am a believer now for sure, was such a pleasure meeting you and coming to your office I will be back and I am highly recommending you to all my friends.

Maria Martinez Family


Bad Ghost

Thank you Christina!! We were so haunted we were so scared. you came blazing on your Motorcycle with your amazing ghost bag I was smiling ear to ear when you showed up. I new you would save us from this mean ghost and you did.. you used all your tools in your bag we prayed all together you talked to this you called Earth Bound and it left YAE.. We are no longer haunted and we all sleep good at night thank you and thank you for destroying the LARGE CLOCK that was changing the numbers all the time.. No more activity case  closed........

Mr and Mrs David Johnson and Family



I want to thank Christina Nelson for changing my life and the life of my children and husband, Christina came into our home in Eagle Rock Ca. researched, investigated and battled a evil presence in our home, she actually found the evidence and was able to communicate the the evil ghost.. she protected and cleared my self and my family cleared my home of this awful presence gave us the understanding and the tools to keep our home and ourselves safe from these things we are no longer fearful or sick our health has improved the whole family!!!!!.. Christina took the mirror she called the portal and blew it up, it was amazing and closer for myself and my family!! Thank you again for helping us Christina we are forever in your debt you are the best!!!!!

Candie  Garcia and the gang


Thank you

Subject: testimonial
Message: i  just got a reading from christina on blog talk radio and am so uplifted by her  response to my question. there was no hesitation - she was shown the answer immediately and  relayed all the information in a very articulate, clean and clear way. there are times when i connect with a reader when i suddenly realize how some , in spite of  their great skill and popularity remain, so down to earth , available and humble.
  she is the genuine article- a fantastic psychic medium who is a really kind warm compassionate person that makes one feel so comfortable.
i am looking forward to more readings with christina - i feel she will be able to help me on  so many levels-  Gratefully Pat Rasmussen 


Read Some of My Testimonials.

Pam Cummings

She's so warm and friendly and she gave a good reading. I really enjoyed speaking with her.


MariBeth Jordens

Thank you Christina and God bless you! She is brilliant!!!


Heather Riggins 

Super amazing! Will read again!


Sandi Ramos

Wow, encouraging beyond belief!! Direct energy connection and communication with Angels. Blows my mind. Lovely and straightforward lady.


Saris Habib

This lady tuned into my situation very quickly. All she said seemed to make sense. I wish I could have had more credits to prolong the convo, but maybe next time but I had very few anyway and she still seem to make a good job. She is a really positive and lovely person, I would not mind having another reading with her at some stage.


Antrana Coffman 

Thanks, this was a very hard day for me. She was very honest and I had to hear this. I guess I know what I have to do.


Shay Evans

Great reading for the month of April! Fun, lighthearted and upbeat for LIFE! i loved my reading with CNelson, have added her to my favorites and look forward to seeing her again! :) a true sweetheart.


Mark Doherty 

Genuine and accurate!


Jeter Marx

She is great.... I love her energy and love her spirit....It is always a pleasure reading with her.


Belle Richardson

Profoundly gifted woman. It was astounding how quickly she picked up on my energy. With stunning accuracy she read me like a book, making me feel from zero to hero in 10minutes. Nothing but the best..


Merkabah Johansson 

Excellent 5 stars, but i got kicked out and I want to go back.